About The Northern Reader

I learned to read when I was three and I have plans for my last words, aged 103, to be, ‘I don’t think I’ve read this!’  Or will, ‘I don’t think I’ve read this for a long time’ be an even more glorious way to go?  Anyway, I’ve been filling in the time between those two events by reading, and teaching English Literature at several universities in England.  Now I’ve escaped to my beloved Northumberland (it’s a long story which I may tell you one day), where I can garden, and walk, and talk to friends, and READ…….

Every week, there’ll be a new blog thinking about books.  Fiction and non-fiction, novels, short stories, poems and plays, biographies, histories, travel books, useful books (as if there’s any other sort).  I hope you’ll come with me each week and that you’ll find something you haven’t read, or a reminder of something you have, or a prompt to get you thinking about what you read, and why, and where, and with whom

you don't have to read alone

you don’t have to read alone


11 thoughts on “About The Northern Reader

  1. Thank you for mentioning Guy Burgess: Revolutionary in an Old School Tie. You may also be interested in Donald and Melinda Maclean: Idealism and Espionage.

    • Like all your books, it is so beautifully written. I absolutely loved it and I very much hope it is an enormous best-seller. Thank you so much for getting in touch: I hope you enjoy reading the Northern Reader from time to time

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